Sep 30, 2011

Haiku Wednesday and FFF55, 28th September


Thanks to Jenn for suggesting "Dare" as the subject for this week's Haiku challenge.

Join the fun!

Go to your mirror.
What would you do if you saw
someone not you there?

 . . . and thanks also to G-Man who once again invites us to solve life's enduring mysteries in only 55 words.


The first mirror made me look fat and my head very long. In the next mirror my reflection didn't do what I did. I smiled. My reflection scowled. I waved at myself. My reflection aimed a kick. I stepped closer to examine this strange mirror. My hand reached through the glass and seized me by the throat.

(55 words not including the title)



  1. Every day I see someone not me in my mirror, because in my head I'm still 35! LOL Nice ...two, Doc.

  2. Ha!
    Talk about a House of Horrors eh?
    Very inventive 55 Doc.
    Thanks for playing, and please have a Kick Ass Week-End.

    Loved your Haiku too...

  3. Me . . when I look in the mirror I think "George Clooney, eat yer heart out!"
    But when I see a photo of me I think "Who's that horrible little goblin?"

  4. Depends on who's looking back, but at this point, it would probably be a pleasant surprise. Nice 55, dr.

  5. That is some fun house mirror. GREAT 55!!

  6. Great 55, and the haiku is very cool!

  7. Good job...I try not to look to often in the

  8. I feel so much better now. I thought I was the only one who saw a stranger when I looked in the mirror.

  9. Yikes!!! A doppelganger. My husband and I both had one in a city where we used to live. He actually met his. I just heard about mine.


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