Sep 28, 2011

In Tandem#12

The In Tandem prompt is this lovely picture by Jinksy.
Without a shadow of doubt it is artistically superior to
this -

She thinks, "I'll be really unkind
and sit with my back to the blind
so that gents passing by
who my front hope to spy
will have to make do with behind!"

Unfailingly helpful as usual, Jinksy did me a rush job so that an idea from Little Nell's 2nd. comment (below) could be given substance -

But if gentlemen do get an itch
to see that she wears not a stitch,
the louvres roll over.
The lads are in clover!
Full Frontal! The norty wee witch!


  1. Oh I don’t know, I think this is bordering on genius!

  2. I think I'd agree with you, Little Nell. Thanks for ringing the bell of the Tandem again this week, Doc- Your pedal power never ceases to amaze me. LOL

  3. I'm with you both!!Second good laugh of the morning...great!

  4. Well I did wonder if it was one of those advertising billboards that switch the horizontal slats over to reveal an entirely different picture, Then it could be full frontal position! Second verse?

  5. Smiling at your light take ... (that might not be the best choice of words here I suppose.
    Mine is dark of course.

  6. That’s the one! Apposite artwork and witty words. How alliterative of me!

  7. Little Nell . . . we (Jinksy and I) are forever in your debt!

  8. Now that's a window blind! Can I order that from Pottery Barn? ha ha. And with this awesome bit of genius, I am off to start my errands with a smile on my face. Thanks Doc & Jinksy.

  9. I can say which I liked better ...I think I am partial to the second one giving the clever use of the Idiom.


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