Sep 3, 2011

Friday Flash Fiction 2nd September

Week by week, and Friday by Friday, G-Man invites us to discuss life's little ironies in a strictly rationed 55 words.

Crash Team

"We're losing him. 400 joules! Clear!"
"No, he's breathing!  I'm getting a pulse."
The patient eyes opened. "What? Where?"
"Easy, son! What's that your holding? Ticket with a number?"
"There was this huge queue at the Pearly Gates. Guy in a white frock gave me this. Told me to come back later."
The crash team looked at each other.

(55 words, not including title)


  1. Free pass. Wish we all could get one.

  2. Doc....
    I Loved This!!!
    Clever and Perfect
    Excellent 55 My Friend
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. Take a number. Wouldn't that be nice. Great story painted in only 55 little words.

    So what was his number?

  4. Must be where the phrase "Your number's up!" originated... 55 is obviously a lucky one. ☼

  5. You darn bet that the crash team would look at each other! This would make a great little skit, and it made a great 55.

    Re: your request for info following my 55, if you are seeking the male swimming suit I think you can duplicate at the underwear section of most stores. However, the woman's attire is a bit trickier. I searched and best I could find was an actual blog dedicated to none other than beach pajamas! La Mode Pyjama There now, isn't that special?

  6. Jinksy . . . good thought. Your'e probably right!

    Lydia . . this should encourage folk to go visit your 55. I guess beach pyjamas date from the times before ladies had legs?

    Other folks . . thanks for visiting and for your generous comments.

  7. Awesome piece ...sure with the sky rocketing population On Earth heavens need to open up pretty soon....the ending was unexpected.

  8. That is the coolest near-death-experience writing ever!

  9. oh my my!!
    This was some paranormal experience.. very well told.. hugs xo

  10. Ha! Good to know you will be welcome back. It would be terrible to not have any ticket at all. :)

  11. Knowing my luck, I shall get there on the day the ticket machine runs out of paper...

  12. Love it. At least the guy in the frock didn't send him to the place down the road.


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