Sep 23, 2011

Thursday Thirteen, 22nd.September.

1.   The washing machine began to rumble ominously in its final 1200 r.p.m. spin.
2.   The coffee mugs on the shelf above the rumbling washing machine began to dance.
3.   My Better-Half said "What is wrong with the washing machine?"
4.   I said, "It's rumbling. Ominously. I will switch it off."
5.   I hauled the washing machine out from under the counter (In the UK we call them "work tops", OK?)
6.   I took the top cover off the washing machine.
7.   I saw that one of the retaining springs on the drum was broken.
8.   I went to get my tool box.
9.   I could not find my tool box.  I called to my Better-Half, "Have you seen my tool box?"
10. My Better-Half replied "Yes."  This was probably literally true, but not very helpful.
11. I found my tool box, but by this time I could not remember why I needed it.  I thought, "If I go back the way I came, I will probably be reminded why I needed my tool box before I get there."  I am full of good ideas like this.  But it was a while before I could remember I had come from the washing machine. I stood my ground, thinking. Ah, yes!  The washing machine.
12. When I got back to the washing machine, I could not remember where I had found my tool box or why I needed it.  I noticed he coffee cups had stopped dancing. Except for the one that had danced off the shelf and shattered on the tile floor. Surely that's not why I needed my tool box?
13. My Better-Half called "I have phoned for the domestic appliance repairman."


  1. Haha... too funny. I feel like that much of the time these days so I could really relate.


  2. That's sounds like something I would do!

  3. lkkolp and Mama Zen. Hold on! You're not supposed to be reading this yet! My mentor Jinsky has not approved it for publication. Now I'm in trouble . . . .

  4. Oh this was funny, but a need for a "domestic appliance repairman" is low on my list of fun things. Even lower on the list than what I have to look forward to in eight hours...a visit from a domestic roof repairman. Ugh.

  5. Doc, may heaven forgive you for that bare faced porky-pie! The Jinksy stamp of approval hit the email airwaves within seconds of your publication. And the day I become a mentor to you, pigs will fly...The boot was ever on the other foot - possibly of the leg with bells on. Have I mixed enough metaphors to make you cringe yet? If not, why not? Hehehe! Sailing close to the wind can land one with a need for bailing out or pumping the bilges. Help, I am sinking...

  6. P.S. If you have found your tool box, that could come in handy now...

  7. This is funny but a bit close to home (the wandering back and forth and wondering why you are where you are). Glad it's not just me! :)

  8. that sort of thing never ever happens to me.
    what is the matter with you?

    why do it yourself when you can get a repairman who can do it in half the time and fix the problem without making it worse.

  9. Well played, sir! That's the best way to keep your tool box tidy.


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