Sep 9, 2011

"The Falling Leaves . . .

 . . . drift by my window"

Wife:        "Why are you staring out of the picture-window?"
Husband: "Watching for the first falling leaf of the Fall."
Wife:        "And then?"
Husband: "I'll go out and pick it up."
Wife:        "Why?"
Husband: "Must keep on top of it or we'd soon be knee deep in them."
(Wife exits to kitchen, shaking her head ruefully.)

(55 words, not including the title)

Thanks again to G-Man for hosting a prompt-blog where we can be as Silly As We Like in only 55 words . . . and to Jinksy who hosts the up-and-coming "In Tandem"


  1. My My- sounds like me in another lifetime! thanks.

  2. haha...if you can keep up withit once it starts...i love fall though and rake a pile so we can jump in it...

  3. That would sure keep us busy around here! Good exercise though :-)

  4. Hello?! Those pesky leaves get everywhere, don't they?
    (My In Tandem Linky lead me here, but I see you've not linked to it from VSB, so I guess you are paddling your own canoe, rather than pedalling the Tandem! LOL. But thanks for going in the same direction, nevertheless. *smiles*)
    A worthy 55 it is, Doc.

  5. Jinksy . . The linkword "Jinksy" at end of post takes me to "In Tandem#9" - so I'm not sure what you mean.

  6. Doc...(Don't argue with Jinksy, She'll kill you)
    Loved your 55.
    I don't do Mr. Linky cause I'm 'Old School'.
    Thats Latin for Stubborn.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  7. Nice falling leaves.. they do leave a huge pile of mess though...

    Happy day ~

  8. At the time I wrote my comment, Doc, the last eleven words of your post were invisible on my screen, so I meant exactly what I said at the time. I now retract the statement with full, unreserved apology. And G-Man, I kill the Doc on a regular basis with my razor sharp wit, but he is indestructible, and bounces back every time - think Tom and Jerry?!

  9. Alas, I have been bored in my day, but never quite that bored. Your comment at my place(about the not-real money) brought a smile, Doctor.

  10. He's got that right.

  11. this is a fantastic piece of writing.
    enjoyed the playfulness.

    beautiful 55 for Fall.

  12. I see you've met my brother-in-law. Fun piece for both G-Man & Jinksy. :0)

  13. One thing is certain. This 55 is not about my husband! (Said with a tsk and a growl, as she searches for the phone number of the yard maintenance service.)


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