Jan 1, 2012

Mary's Mixed Bag

Mary in the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads asks poets to
"Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New"   And why not?

A sensitive fellow called Fells
was deafened each year by the bells
lambasting his ears.
He complained at New Years
"Those ringers should all be strung up on their own bloody bell ropes."

His New Year's Eve antics astound.
He spins round and around and around!
The simple solution?
he makes New Year's Revolution -
till he's dizzy and falls to the ground

(Have a heart, folks!  Every New Year I revolve to write better limericks  . . . )

Tailpiece -
Whilst googling for images of bell ringers I came across THIS!

Provide a caption in 15 or fewer words.  Leave as comment.  I will award points and what do points mean? 


  1. LOL. But, do you keep your revolutions?

  2. 1. "No, no, she's YOUR granddaughter, you pull her down."
    1A. "No, no, she's YOUR granddaughter, you go get her mother."
    2. The latest Disney classic: "Lady and the Gramps."
    3. This is a real Gong Show.
    4. This job has its ups and downs.
    5. These young people all want to rise up and re-bell.

    The first one and a half are mine, and the next four are courtesy of my husband, Richard Schear, aka My Intrepid Photographer. (I like his last one best.)

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Oh this gave me a good laugh this morning. Thanks for taking the challenge and rising to it on a bell rope. Smile.

  4. My God, George! I didn't know women could fart like that!

  5. Santa coming down the chimney never looked like this in OUR day!

  6. Is this what's meant by 'levity'?

  7. On behalf of all Mrs Trellises in North Wales, I refute your statement 'Points mean prizes'. I have several points about my person which have never won a prize of any description...

    And taking a photo of me being used by Cad and Trellissimo to sweep the chimney, will win you no points at all in my book...

  8. Kay . . Wow! Quite a plethora. I could be spoiled for choice/

    Sue . . that could take some beating. I award you 2012 points.

    Jinksy . . 'Down' and 'Up' captions. Excellent.

    Mrs. Trellis . . Several? Several? Ahh . . I was forgetting your nose.

  9. "Any higher, Zekiel and we'll be able to see her knickers."

  10. Great job!
    "Is this what they mean about bells n' whistles?"


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