Dec 30, 2011

Following Yonder Star . . .

Tess's Christmas prompt is Bert Stern's iconic portrait of a Hollywood icon.  (The idea of putting new words to a seasonal tune comes from Magpie No.20. Thank you, Frances)

Monroe Doctoring

J.F.K from Capitol Hill,
heads down town in search of a thrill.
Finds blonde tottie
sumptuous bottie!
Certainly fills his bill.

Ooo-err!  Star of "Misfits"
sixties best,
star of the Gynormous Chest
self supporting, gets him snorting,
(Bet she thinks "He's a pest.")

All she wears at night is Chanel.
drives her suitors wild with the smell
really flighty
minus nightie
(Wishes they'd go to H***)

Ooo-err!  etc

Finds tonight his backache is bad
(Want to bet that makes her feel glad?)
Pretends she's willing
but pain's killing
daydreams of Jack the Lad

Ooo-err!  etc

Two cupfuls of Panadol
still his interest seems to loll.
Says with sorrow
"Back tomorrow"
She thinks that's very droll.

Ooo-err!  etc

Poor lost lass, she'd never a chance.
Men brought lust disguised as romance.
Flesh inspectors
film directors
led her a dreadful dance.

Ooo-err!  etc

Notes.  President Kennedy suffered much from backache, probably because he found it difficult to get into a comfortable position.  "Monroe Doctoring" is a play on words and on the prompt which our friends across The Pond will surely understand.


  1. You have captures a tragic story well here.

    "Men bought lust disguised as romance" - love that line!

  2. Love the title. Extremely clever. All one should ever wear at night....except here in Michigan!

  3. :-) Smart and funny. You're a treasure, Dr.


  4. Title and poem are both very clever. Now I have the tune of "We Three Kings" running through my head and it's all your fault.

  5. Dear Doctor FTSE: My knowledge of the Kennedy/Monroe tyrst is sketchy at best. I always thought she liked Bobby, had his baby in Canada? And was then murdered. I did not know she did the prez. Although I heard Hollywood was one big orgasm according to Tony Curtis, or was the Peter Lawford. Finding out where lust leaves off...sad tell in a funny it!

  6. GREAT title ... I waited patiently for a poet to write about Marilyn and Jack .. you gave us a real treat! Happy New Year.

  7. Very well done... what a mess it was all then!!!

  8. Monroe doctoring -- cleverrrr. :-)


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