Dec 24, 2011

A Word With Laurie

Over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Laurie Kolp asks for 5-minutes worth of "Ecstasy" 

Be Warned

There was a young raver called Peck
who sampled ocassional ec-
stasy tablets,
which soon became habit
and now he's a quivering wreck.



  1. This is a fun quickie, with an underlying message that needs to be addressed.

  2. I love your take on the prompt, quick , direct and true. It has the limerick style that is so fun to read and reminds me of 5th grade.

    Happy holidays to you n yours
    Thanks for visiting me

  3. Thanks Ella and Kerry. It's a 5th Grade limerick alright!

  4. No it isn t it is a 5min prompt ; )
    The short rhyme reminded of the clever
    Fun of this kind of poem

  5. I like your poem's uniqueness. Clever twist.

  6. I was wondering who might use ecstasy as the drug. Some may have not heard of "X"... isn't that what they call it? Anyway, a quivering wreck sums it up perfectly! Thanks for taking part.

  7. You've set me thinking, Doctor...

    There was a young raver called Peck
    who said to himself "What the heck!
    Those 'ecstasy' pills
    just made me feel ill,
    now my pecker is down and not up!"


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