Jul 1, 2011

MaffickMonday #2

Alicia at MaffickMonday asks us to speculate on . .

"What if Fear Didn't Exist?"

At last, at last, an easy one!   If fear didn't exist, lots more folk would do this . . !

"Oh bollocks!  I've left my thermos flask up on top!"

(No, Doctor . . that's if absent mindedness didn't exist.)


  1. It would take a lot more than lack of fear to get me to do that ! Think of the vertigo, and the potential hypothermia? Hehehe...
    Thinks:- Did he have a parachute, or was this an extreme suicide? :)

  2. It's really annoying when that happens - I usually send my 'man' back up for it. Bless him, he is so loyal.

    Anna :o]

    PS Posted my little effort at http://puzzelicious.blogspot.com

  3. Hey, now wait, Anna . . . that IS my 'man' He always goes first to test the air for me. I'll take his thermos and hand it to him when I catch up with him.

    Jinksy . . . I think the lad in the picture has a parachute pack. But the latest thing in 'base jumping' is an aerodynamic suit that turns you into a sort of human flying fox. Then you "fly through the air with the greatest of ease, like that daring young man in the Oberland Bernese!"

  4. Hmmm ...I like the Flying Trapeze artists best...

  5. My dad's crazy like that. He likes insane things like that and would do it even if there was no fear in the world. I personally wouldn't and agree with Jinksy, would take a lot more than no fear for me to do it. Thanks for your post.

  6. I wouldn't, Doc, but it's a cool thought.


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