Jul 25, 2011

Magpie Tales#75

Tess's charming picture of a bicycle with a lady aboard reminded me of an incident in Coventry, England, U.K in 1055 A.D., when another steed carrying another shameless lady trotted through the streets on some protest or other.

If Godiva was really a lady
she'd keep all her charms where it's shady.
And the town's Peeping Tom
would not see her bare bum
nor her horse's, though both are real shapely.

The Critic   - "Shapely" is not a rhyme for "Shady." Or "Lady."
The Doctor -  I'm sorry. I'm sorry. The lady on the bicycle distracted me.
The Critic   -  Neither is "Tom" a rhyme for "Bum."
The Doctor -  I'll be back, pal.

There once was a critic called Mustard
who thought the Doc's brain would be flustered
by all those bare bums.
He might well think "ripe plums"
then imagine them covered in custard.



  1. Some people are just plumb crazy... :)

  2. Your critic has said it all! But you sure showed him (her?) with the second one! My thoughts first went to lady Godiva too, but I turned Sirius instead. ;-)

  3. What a fun plumb of a piece. Humorous beauty.

  4. ..ah, that was nice..agree with Mary!!!(:

    Good day!


  5. Some critics are very picky. I thought it sounded fine.
    I don't think it was prudent letting the 'plums and custard' loose, though.

  6. Fine limericks - both are perfect.

    Anna :o]

  7. It all depends on the pronunciation and perhaps a slight speech impediment;-)

  8. Godiva makes me think of chocolate..tell the critic I'm sorry! Thanks for the fun!!

  9. Ah...delightful! And I've a yen for plums, now...

  10. Gotta love the critics and the plumblies. An unsurpassed read.

  11. Hadn't heard of jelly wrestling, obviously.


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