Jul 19, 2011

Magpie Tales#74

Tess's eerie prompt is somewhat by-the-by this week!  Bloggers go HERE to see how another blogger is trying to usurp my territory and muscle in on the Limerick As Art. Can't have that, can we?


A wrestler from Hay-on-the Wye
said, "No matter how hard I try
to warm to my task
when wearing this mask
I can't get THAT hold on the guy"

(End of round 1)


  1. A challenging Doctor I spy!!
    I fix him with my beady eye
    and dare him to play
    in this time honoured way
    with humour that none can deny!

    Round 2 opening...

  2. "Cross-Buttock?" That's what Google showed
    as I laboured o'er my little ode.
    But I don't believe it!
    Looks more like a "Heave It
    Up, Over and Into the Road."

  3. From the looks of it ... the match may indeed be over! So funny, so clever!

  4. Doctor, your playing is sneaky!
    If I hadn't come back for a peeky
    I'd never have knowed
    you had played with your ode,
    an added a picture to freak me.

  5. hee hee...or should I say he he

  6. Small wonder he's cross.

  7. It's all over folks! Jinksy wins by a pinfall and a submission! Oooerrr!

  8. Thanks, Doc! I always did say, you can't beat a man who knows how to give in gracefully! :)

  9. Love the limerick...always wondered about those wrestlers! ;-)

  10. I love the limericks too, Doc. But it's a good while since you gave us a "serious" (horrid word) Magpie poem on your other blog.

  11. ..you are quite the gentleman! ;) There aren't many around these days... Funny as always

  12. Dear FTSE: You're not kidding? There really is a hold called the "Cross-buttock"? Loves the sparring match with Jinksy! Looks as though the lady's one, gentlemen O...h that was a good parlay!

  13. Quite enjoyed the wrestling match between you and Jinsky! I believe that if I were a wrestler and saw someone coming at me in that mask, I'd take a dive right then and there!

  14. Marvelous....and the comments on this one, especially those between you and Jinksy, are wonderful entertainment!


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