Jul 22, 2011

Two In Tandem#8

Penny at Alias Jinksy offers bloggers this fine example of her computer artwork for their prompt this week.

Just Like a Man!

   From her dressing room in Toppest Tower, Rapunzel scanned the grounds of Castle Sordidly for her husband, Sir Rodger de Coverlet returning from the wig factory in nearby Invergrumpy where he was General Manager of the Blonde Division. Sir Rodger, be it known, had a Degree in Wiggery from the Universiyy of Blogland-uber-Alles as well as a Diploma in Curling, and Rapunzel was his darling wife.
"Here he comes!  He he comes!" cried she, clapping her little hands as Sir Rodger mounted on his faithful, lopsided horse ThreeLegs, hove into view. ThreeLegs whoaed to a stop at the moat and Sir Rodger slid off.  
"Rapunzel!  Rapunzel!  Let down the drawbridge!"
"Why can't you do it, darling?"
"I left the remote in the office, dearest."
"Just like a man," muttered she, thumbing the Drawbridge Down button. (Keyboard shortcut CMD+SHIFT+$ on Macs, no PC equivalent, sorry.)  
Down creaked the drawbridge. Across the drawbridge creaked Sir Rodger, a manly figure in thighboots, leathern doublet and enormous hat with ostrich plumes. ThreeLegs followed. Sir Rodger paused before the huge oaken double doors.
"Why?" said Rapunzel, sotto voce "is he staring into space?"  
"Rapunzel!  Rapunzel!  Let down your hair!" Sir Rodger shouted up.
Be it also known that Rapunzel had a shining coil of gorgeous blonde hair which when unwhound whould reach from the whindow in Toppest Tower right dowhn(*) to the ground where stood Sir Rodger.  Now Rapunzel noticed a massive pair of shears sticking out of ThreeLegs' saddle bag.
"Rapunzel! Do you not hear your husband? Let down your hair, there's a dear." 
Rapunzel gulped. "He's gonna give me a haircut! Business must be bad. Aw shucks!"
She called down, "Please, darling. Not me lovely hair. It's taken all me thirty four years to grow long enough to reach . . "
"Come on now! Let down your hair dearest. There's no other way of getting to your room in Toppest Tower."
"I'll need to shin up your hair, dearest!"
"Eh?" Had Sir Rodger finally taken leave of his senses? He hadn't shinned up her hair since their courting days.
"You know I said I'd left the drawbridge remote in the office?"
"Ye - ess," she said, cautious.
"Well, I've forgotten the password for the front door, too."

(*) Story set in Scotland where "w" is pronounced "wh" so "which" doesn't sound like "witch" as it does in Bonnie England.
Serious stuff can be found HERE


  1. You may have linked to the wrong place, but you've hit the very spot with this magical tale, Doc! I'm LMAO, as the blogworld fraternity so succinctly expresses it. Do call again at Tandem - I'm having a spare key cut for the servant's entrance of my Motte and Bailey castle, even as I type!!

  2. I know LOL and ROFLOL but not LMAO. Qu'est çe que "LMAO"

  3. Bravo! What An Ace Blog You Have! Regards Tony.

  4. you have thrown down the gauntlet here, doc; Jinksy warned me.
    At least you've had the good taste to furnish the castle with mac accoutrements.

  5. This is hilarious. I LOLLED and ROFLED, but I dare not say I've LMAOED. Not a clue what that means.

    What a wonderful story ;-)

  6. I think I found the correct reference for Roger de Coverlet but don't recall the whole story. I did learn a few interesting things though, as I always do when I try to figure out some of the more obscure tidbits(at least for me). I copied a 90 word sentence from a British newspaper blog...amazing...and put it on my desk :-)

    Funny take on the prompt!

  7. For Carolina- a translation...


  8. You probably won't believe this, but it's the absolute truth. When I saw Jinksy's art on her blog this morning, I immediately thought of Rapunzel in her tower.

  9. What a ripping yarn. I want more, and I've joined too. Love the three legged horse. You must continue the story.

  10. I can't decide if Rapunzel was exasperated or relieved that the only access her husband wanted was to the living quarters;-)

  11. Ah! Thank you Jinksy. I will have to have a little talk with you about your language. So not ladylike ;-)

  12. I think I should make it clear, folks, I learned all the bad words from a link sent me by the Doctor for this website HERE

  13. Didn't quite ROFL, but did SCTN - snort coffee through nose. Very silly!

  14. Jinksy . . I remind you, I'm a DOCTOR. I know about these things. I'm paid to know about these things.


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