Jul 12, 2011

MaffickMonday 11th. July

FOLKS . .  if you've landed here from the Sepia Saturday Linky of 16th. July it's because I entered No.31 on the lists wrongly.  My Sepia Saturday is one post up . .  HERE!   Sorreeeee!

Alicia wants her followers and fans to set their scene this week in an "Anger Management Class".  Hmmm . . . I came upon this . . er . . event, in that most respectable organ of the British press, the "Guardian," and it set me thinking.

Watch It, Buster!  Or Rather . .  DON'T

Before we got our kit off
We were often really cross.
We had to take a lot of schtick
from husbands, kids and boss.

We yelled at taxi-drivers
threw tantrums in the street.
Amelia bopped a copper!
That was really indiscreet.

Rage drives some to the bottle.
Some try the primal scream.
So the "Make Friends With Your Anger"
course seemed Heaven sent, a dream.

We sat and scowled and grumbled
till the Leader said "Why not
throw couture out the window?
Besides, the weather's hot."

A little jolly dancing
while our bra-smoke filled the air
made everyone feel calmer.
Most things look better bare.

The creep who owned the meadow
said "Now here's a wondrous thing!
My hayfield's full of naturists
all goin' with a swing."

"I ain't seen nothing like it"
this slimy voyeur said.
"Would one of you young ladies
accompany me to bed?"

Outraged we fell upon him
and thrashed him black and blue
which, if you think about it
is not what one should do

because we made his eyes pop out
by hoofing on his grass
to help us deal with anger
in our Adult Evening Class.


  1. Silly gels! All they will achieve by prancing around like this is catching their death of cold
    and not 'le petit mort' either!

  2. :-) I do love how you see the world!


  3. Very entertaining Doctor FTSE! Your BlogSpot reminds me of Monty Python, which I like very much! You are a very funny guy! I like your self-awarded award. Lmao! Have a great week and I'll be back to laff another day! ♥

  4. Excellent stuff Doctor FTSE - I love your view of the world too.

    Anna :o]

  5. So the anger management course didn't work after all.
    I bet the poor farmer enjoyed being beaten up by a bunch of frolicking ladies.

  6. Thanks for making me smile on this rather gloomy Sunday.

  7. Monty Pyton, indeed. Oh, sometimes anger just needs to be expressed... :)

  8. i daresay the anger management class was a success.

  9. Well, that's a remarkable old photo, and your limerick gave it an even more special zing!


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