Jun 30, 2011

Two In Tandem#8

Jinksy prompts; Bloggers reply promptly . . 

A Cautionary Sea Story
A reckless old pirate called Lord
threw all his dubloons overboard.
They lay 'neath the sea
until "Green verdigris
has taken their shine off!" he roared.


  1. Aarrrgghh, Cap'n! Shiver me timbers - dubloons it is! Does Jinksy need divers to bring 'em aboard? I've got a snorkel, if you have some flippers...

  2. I think the shine's gone off of me
    I'm all dull and dopey, you see,
    just a bit of a nit
    who needs some Duraglit
    to set all my sparkly bits free!

  3. Kind of cute... fun piece. But then I love a good pirate tale.

  4. How annoying! To see it all glittering beneath the surface!


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