Jun 17, 2011

A Star is Born!

Alicia has founded a prompt-blog HERE.  Thank you, Alicia, and I'm sure many bloggers will join with me in wishing your venture every success.  This weekend Alicia tempts/prompts/cajoles us to write on the subject of -

A Terrible Dancer.

A terrible dancer called Fred
once waltzed down the stairs on his head.
Then he rhumbaed so hard
he demolished the yard
before foxtrotting back up to bed.



  1. I would like a demonstration, please. This is the kind of nonsense that gets dancing a bad name,

  2. Ada, beloved, you can foxtrot back up to my bed any time you like! But what are you doing asking a Doctor for a demonstration of anything? Should I be worried?

  3. This made me laugh. I loved it. And thanks for the mention. I appreciate it so much.

  4. No that wasn't me just up there. The REAL ME is here, now, thinking of something to say that does justice to your ditty. Well, it's not really a ditty is it. I could make all kinds of off-colour comments if it was, but it isn't.
    Was that you I saw on 'So You Think You CAn Dance' the other night???

  5. Fun use of the prompt. Great limerick.

  6. 'before foxtrotting back up to bed' - for some reason this line really tickled me and I'm not the ticklish sort, really;-)

  7. So the Limerick Bug has got you too! Good.

  8. A terrible dancer called Footsie
    slipped arse over head
    unravelling his threads
    on the dance floor

    His partner then said
    " Right, you ole head
    I'm thru with your likes
    I'm tired of the fights
    you can dance on your own
    or sit on your throne"



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