Feb 27, 2011

ACTION . . . . and . . . CUT!

Every week, Monkey Man allows us just 160 characters, no more, no less and including spaces, to tell our story.  It's a tough one Monkey Man, but here goes . . .

Someone at her door! Lurking. Lurking, and breathing. Heavily. She
sat up in bed, fumbled for her Glock pistol, held it trembling, watched the door begin to ope

(Damn it! Sorry, folks, that’s me at Monkey Man’s 160 character limit . . just when it was getting interesting, too!)


  1. Always leave 'em wanting more, eh? :) Grins insanely...

  2. You are the first to have such a creative ending....love it. Thanks for playing along with the Sunday 160.

  3. richardcavendishdashwestwood...that was very damned clever of you...and entertaining!!

  4. What's a glock pistol? a glockenspeil that you shoot at with guns? Go well with a Monty Python rendition of the sugar plum fairies.

  5. Rall . . it's a make of handgun, like Colt, Remington etc. I think it's body parts are high duty plastic, making it light and easy to handle. Lots of info. on Google.

  6. Rall . . "Glock" is a marque . . like Colt, Remington, Smith and Wesson etc. I think it's body-parts are partly made of plastic materials to make if light and easy to handle.


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