Feb 25, 2011

The Truth Will Out. Or Something.

It's Friday again, so enthusiastic bloggers must answer the call of G-Man and produce a story in 55 words maximum for his Friday Flash 55 . . . .

The day Little George pushed the Washington's privy into the river, Mr.Washington asked, 
"George, who pushed our privy into the Potomac?"
"Daddy, I cannot lie. I did."
Whereupon Daddy gave George a thrashing.
"Why, Daddy?" cried George "You said you'd never punish me if I told the truth."
"Because, George, I was inside, taking a dump."

(55 words)


  1. You and your crappy posts Doc!!
    Made me smile though...
    Potty Humor Rocks!!
    Loved your 55.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. haha....bet that was a nasty ride down the river...

  3. Ah, if the truth were told what a stink it would cause ;-)
    Enjoyed that.

  4. Okay, everyone is looking at me here at the library and no doubt asking themselves again "WHAT is she laughing about now??"



  5. Ze French are fazinated with zair bottomz alzo..and introduced zis bizarre toilet humour to ze Breetish Isles in 1066 wiz ze Norman invasion.Before this Englunders were sensible tribesmen occupied with huntin and fishin but as soon as the French turned up..it was all downhill from here on.

  6. I thought 'taking a dump' was a Canadian expression??

    And to Rallentanda...humour chez humans develops in sophistication from age nought to early adulthood, with the exception of potty humour, which appears at about age 4 and never leaves.

  7. Deborah . . Canada must have exported the expression to GB (and Washington D.C?), or how would FTSE know? He judged that any other expression for Mr. Washington's fundamental activity as too unseemly even for this blog . . .

  8. Who is zis Deb-o-rah, Footesque, with all zis zientific informationz?
    Her humour seems to have fundamentally disappeared where the sun don't shine!

  9. Forgive me, Rallentanda. The good Dr. can attest that my humerus is in working order.
    It's all about the presentation...

  10. Rall, I can vouch for Deborah's humerus being in full working order... But perhaps you should look to your own sunsets...

  11. What I want to know . . . this "Footesque" ? Is that a 2-syllable "Footesque" as in "grotesque", or is it a trisyllabic "Foot-ES-Que" as in "Fort-Es-Cue." I think I should be told, since I'm the one who suffers from it.

  12. ...and now I know the rest of the story. Thanks for educating me.

  13. Ricardo de Footesquementmorosefroutou..now that's suffering!When you get a minute drag Jinksy by the ankles into the sunshine!

  14. Rallentanda- it about time you enabled your email on your own Blog, so I don't have to use Doctor FTSE as a message boy in this antediluvian manner...
    And he'd have to catch me first, before he could drag me anywhere...


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