Feb 9, 2011

Monday's Child#32

A village market scene is bkm's prompt this week.

Hamelin Town is in Brunswick . . .

 "Pied Piper, can you help us please?
These wretched children always tease
us when we bring our goods for sale,
our cabbage, caulis, curly kale."

"What is your problem, Mrs.Green
with kids? The sweetest I have seen.
They run about and skip and play
add merry laughter to the day."

"They bluddi don't you silly man!
They should be locked up in the can.
Their sticky fingers pinch our wares
our apples, beefsteaks, cakes and pears."

"You rid the town of all those rats
that put the wind up pussy cats.
Please, if you'll pipe these TinyVermin
We'll deck you out in cape of ermine.
We'll swathe you quite from heel to head,
half in yellow and half in red."

"You horrid woman! You've got me frowning.
You'd dress me up like Robert Browning
in his ghastly kiddie kidnap did?
You make me want to flip my lid!"

"I think I could persuade stall-owners
to pay you well. Say . . fifty kroner?
"Madam, you've now stopped being funny.
There's nothing I won't do for munny!"

But the wretches lived up to their name.
They saw right through the Piper's game.
Around the walls of Hamelin
runs River Weser. They chucked him in.


  1. ...and kerplunk! What a terrific, funny poem! I really enjoyed this!

  2. What a delightful tale - Robert Browning must be rolling over in laughter....cheers Doctor...you score again....bkm


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