Feb 4, 2011

Flash Fiction 55. 4th. February 2011

G-Man invites all writers, including the maladjusted and the terminally confused, to write a 55 word story -

Breaking News.

"Pheidippides! Run the 26 miles to Athens. Tell them the Greeks walloped Persia in the Battle of Marathon.  Got that?"
 "On my way, Captain!"
 So Pheidippides ran, arriving, reeling with fatigue in Athens, 2 hrs. 24 mins later.
 "What news, Stout Pheidippides?"
 "F**k!  I've forgotten the message. 'Ang on, I'll nip back”

2 hrs. 24 mins was a pretty good time for 490BC!


  1. He forgot! LOL Well, my kids don't seem to get many messages right even with cell phones, texting and face book.

  2. ...or maybe it's me that doesn't get it right... I can't remember - I'll go ask them and be right back..

  3. haha...oh my...he forgot the msg...think i might die...

  4. I LOVE historical 55's Doc.
    Even ones that are a bit askew!
    This post Rocked Brother.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!

  5. bwahahaha! that definitely rings of a python sketch. thanks for the chuckle today and for stopping by my place as well.

  6. My first guffaw of the morning. Reminds me of my
    husband.Monty has a hand in this somewhere!Good one.


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