Feb 13, 2011

Poetry Bus 14th February

Dana Bug gave poets three prompts to encourage them to buy a ticket for the Bus this week.  This picture is one of them.

Stopping By Settees on a Snowy Evening
(with apologies to Robert Frost. And his little horse)

Whose couch is this? I think it's lost.
Who threw it out? What did it cost?
It has not seen me stopping here.
It's arm-rests are all stiff with frost.

My motor-chair thinks I am queer
to stop because a couch is near.
I always do a double-take
when snowbound sofas do appear.

It gives my ass a gentle shake
to ask if I've made some mistake.
But frozen couches make me weep.
I'd thaw them with a long, slow bake.

Its pattern's lovely! Cushions deep,
a couch I'd really love to keep.
But - miles to go before I sleep -
So! Leave it for the rubbish-heap.


  1. LOL - this is great! Thanks for riding the bus!

  2. Bwahahaha! Perfect play on Frost's poem. Which, as I recall was not about a sofa, but had it been would we still be reading it today? Perhaps not. But, here we are reading yours.

  3. I love the line about the gentle shake!!! You're a genius. Thank you for doing this ala Frost.

  4. Enchanted Oak . . thanks for the compliment, but the line you refer to is lifted (almost) verbatim from Robert Frost, whose little horse
    "gives his harness bells a shake
    to ask if there is some mistake"

    Thanks all! Particularly to Frost for the rhythm and rhyme scheme of the poem here.

  5. Wonderful wonderful parody. Love that rhyme scheme. Wonder if it should come full circle with an -ost rhyme in the third line of the final stanza?

  6. Peter G . . . following the pattern of the other stanzas, it should. But I remained faithful to Robert Frost's rhyme scheme. His last stanza rhymes with "deep" on all four lines.

  7. It is indeed a lovely pattern! Doubt Frost's would be as good as this!


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