Feb 1, 2013

You Big Boy. Me tease!

G-Man wants 55 words of Friday Flash Fiction and this week "flash" seems kinda well suited.  So here's a 55 word action packed drama . . .

Dramatis Personae:  

Sticky Vicky  (SV)
Big Boy         (BB)

Scene:   Outdoors, mid-west  

SV:   Over here, Big Boy. Do something for me.     
BB:  (Addressing audience)  I'm gonna score with Sticky Vicky!  
SV:  Want to do me a favour?  
BB:  (Approaching, unzipping)  This is it!
SV:   Gonna let me flick ash into the turnups of those dumb jeans?  



  1. Haha I like your mini play. I love how they both have books in hand. Nowadays it'd be a phone. I just read a Cormac McCarthy book where the guy did exactly that with his ash, in his own rolled up jeans.

  2. Well Doc...
    I'm glad we finally 'got a rise' outta you!
    You still have it eh?
    Loved your 55 rewrite.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. A teenage boy's hopes and dreams dashed yet again. ...

  4. I am starting to like Sticky Vicki's style

  5. Yup, that's how we handle dumb boys in the Midwest! lol


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