Feb 8, 2013

Name That Child

G-Man asks for 55 words on a regular weekly basis.  I pick up the theme of his own effort which you can find on his blog, HERE.

Mr. and Mrs. Cart wanted to name their son after a prominent American such as "Abraham", "Stormin'", "Ulysses", “Babe” or “Oliver”.  "How about” said Mrs. Cart "That guy who said the Martians were invading. Played Harry Lime in 'The Third Man'?"  "Brilliant" said Mr. Cart "Orson! That's agreed then . . ." 

(So - welcome to the world, little Orson Cart)



  1. ha. orsons a cool enough name....interesting in how they got there..a prominent american eh? smiles

  2. In the whole history of the world, I've only ever heard of two Orsons. Wells and Bean!
    That would be a great name for an Oracle!
    Most excellent 55 Doc
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. Orson is better than Junior, Ruel or Buel. A most prominant American:)

  4. And was their baby premature, by any chance? Possibly giving birth to the use of the well known phrase about putting the 'orse before the cart?! A Gold Star 55, Doc. :)

  5. I guess I'll have to give a second "Groan" since Other Mary covered it already. You are the master!


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