Feb 9, 2013

Stop Horsing Around!

Horse Meat (*) 

The explanation for horsemeat in burgers, lasagne, etc is really quite schimples! These newstyle victuals are made from horseflesh sourced in Romania (allegedly). The Romanian butchers have misheard a crucial word and have accordingly interpreted UK burger requirements somewhat loosely.

Let me help them.  The UK isn't in HORSETERRITORY,  lads, it's AUSTERITY, like in Grease, (oops, sorry  - GREECE!).   

Sorry to beef about this. But get it right, eh?

(*)  Does that look yummy, or what?  


  1. Ha! There's a hunk of meat to please my father, who will only stand for soup and veggies once a week. The Brits are suddenly all about austerity, aren't they? So be it, as long as they still serve their bitters warm and their eggs with tomatoes on the side. As for the Greeks...to vacation there is on my bucket list and hopefully they don't dissolve into the sea before I get there.

  2. Cattle are one thing when it comes to killing them for consumption but horses? I think it's sad. I haven't looked it up or anything but I feel horses are just smarter than cows. It's bad enough that the US has butchered most of the wild mustangs for cat and dog food. In the UK it makes the term; "Where's the beef?" popular again.


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