Feb 29, 2012

Ladies! Have you noticed the date!

Love Lorn and Alone . . .

It's Leap Year’s Day, the 29th of Feb,
the once-in-four-years day when on-the-shelf
ladies chase hunky swains with cries of "Wed
me, you gorgeous lunk!"  
                                       I’ve missed the bus!
Each Leap Year Day I dress in my best suit,
use tons of brylcreem and stroll up and down
our High Street. See with what nonchalance I swing,
my walking cane and twirrrrllll my waxed moustache,
giving each passing lass a beaming smile,
a knowing wink and handing them my flyers
saying "Surely you know what day it is?
How can you let a prize like me pass by?"

In all the years I’ve had but one response.
Mostly they swerve aside and hurry on –
save once! A redhead, beauty unsurpassed,
stopped me, and with her kind hand on my arm
said "Are you alright, Grandad? Where do you live?
You’ve come out wearing carpet slippers, dearie!"

Posted in response to this week's d'verse invitation - Open Link Night Week 33


  1. haha...almost falling from the couch...so much fun...enjoyed..and the ending was gorgeous!!

  2. smiles....read this over at Sue's as well....scary thought eh? lol..this was a lot of fun to read man...

  3. lol, awww - this reminds me of the movie The Holiday, except it was a... mature American man assisted by a young English woman. It turned into a beautiful friendship they both enjoyed!

    1. I'm always looking for beautiful friendships. When one comes along I'll change out of my carpet slippers.

  4. "She backed him up against the calendar and asked the question which really wasn't a question at all since tradition says that he cannot refuse... how romantic."

    I guess I am more of a traditional person than a tradition person. Have a good day and don't be afraid to say NO.

    Much enjoyed!

  5. Don't know how I've missed your blog in all my previous browsing. Great silliness indeed.

  6. Oh dear, I missed this the other day ... if only we lived a little closer.


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