Feb 17, 2012

Friday Flash Fiction 17th.February

Friday comes around again, and with it comes G-Man, demanding 55 words . . or else!

"Oooh, Agrippina, you don't want to eat too many of those!"
"Who said that?"
"That's a Magic Mushroom. It'll wreck your head, duckie."
"Am I hearing voices or what?"
"Next thing you know you'll be hallucinating lions."
"Just shut up! They're yummy. I've eaten truckloads."
"I've eaten so many I'm hallucinating yummy Roman ladies in pink."


  1. Doc...
    Nicely done, little does she know that in two weeks she'll Croak!
    Most excellent 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. grrr...i think it is about to get grisly...roar! ha fun take on the pic....

  3. Now I'm wondering who's eating.. um.. what.

  4. This was a great prompt and you rounded it out nicely, mushrooms and all. I just couldn't compose 55 sensible words this time, but I'll be around.

  5. All this needs is a huge caterpillar with a hookah making snarky remarks--o wait, G-Man has already been here. Loved it, Dr.

  6. lol! Those are some seriously big 'shrooms! Loved your 55, Dr. FTSE.

  7. Ha I like the 55 sequel
    U r always on the creative edge
    Happy weekend

  8. I believe I am hallucinating every time I cruise 55's on the net. But I keep coming back.

  9. Replies
    1. Very fun- especially with plump,pink Roman ladies!


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