Nov 22, 2011

Magpie Tales#92

Tess's tender picture this week shows us the late Paul Newman and lovely Joanne Woodward.

But will this pair stay together 50 years . . . ?

He:    This isn't much like Rodin's.
She:   What?
He:    "The Kiss"
She:   The what?
He:    You're not listening. I was talking about Rodin's "The Kiss"
She:   Eh? Your mind wandering or what?
He:    It's a renowned statue. Of a couple kissing. By Rodin.
She:   We're a couple kssing. Whadda we need this roadman for?
He:    Not Roadman. Rodin! Rodin! He was a sculptor. He was French.
She:   So? He sculpted a french kiss? Mummy told me never to kiss with my mouth full.
He:    They're both sitting up.
She:   Who are both sitting up?
He:    The kissing couple Rodin sculpted. They're sitting up.
She:   That's how we started. Sitting up.
He:    His hand is on her thigh.
She:   So it's wanderin' hands now, not wanderin' minds? Over skirt or under?
He:    Neither, really.
She:   Eh? Gotta be one or the other.
He:    Not necessarily. The thing is . .
She:   She's wearing trews? 
He:    No. The thing is . . in the statue . . they're both . . (He whispers)
She:   Well! If this isn't the most round about 'Get yer kit off' chat I've ever heard.
He:    Look! I wasn't suggesting . .
She:   'Course you were! Wasn't born yesterday. This statue. The bloke. Can you see his?(She whispers)
He:    No need to be coarse -
She:   Or did the Roadman have an accident with his little sculptor's jackhammer?
He:    Oh . . really!
She:   You started it. You know what your problem is?
He:    What's my problem then?
She:   You think too much.
He:    I think too much? Come to think of it Rodin did another statue called "The Thinker." Pensive guy sitting on a rock.
She:   Wondering who to kiss next? Was he stripped off for thinkin' as well?
He:    Funnily enough - actually statues mostly are. "David" for example, by Michelangelo
She:   Gawd give me strength!

Left.     "The Kiss"
Right    "The Thinker"


  1. I can almost imagine this being carried out with Cad and Ada - but with roles reversed - he to she, and she to he!! Most funny, Doctore FTSE. :)

  2. Mr.Trellissimo . . it would be rewarding to get that close to Ada from time to time.
    I like your Very Silly Pieces, Doc. This one rocks.

  3. Hahaha - so lovely the way soul-mates communicate. You know that's the key to a good relationship...good kissing, er I mean communication ;-)

  4. Those trews ~ keeping everything in check?

  5. I'd advise people not to THINK about kissing - just do it - with or without clothes! Hehehe!

  6. Dear Dr.FTSE: "trews" and "kit" got to think (and thank-you)all that I am learning! Yes something new and vital here; especially whenit comes to inspecting those famous works of art! Chiccoreal

  7. He is guilty of letting his mind wander when there are more important things at hand, I don't blame her for getting shirty!

  8. thinking too much gets me in trouble too! thanks.

  9. Loved this exchange - made me giggle.

  10. Well, French kissing will cause all sorts of existentialist dialogues in its wake.

  11. Love the great under current
    That's probably why they are still dressed

  12. Love this...the were talking when they should have been kissing :)

  13. hehe! Thank-you for the, make that out-right laughter, actually:)))

  14. Hey! Hey! That was fun! Hands up who else looked up 'David' on google images.....??

  15. How do you know this conversation? Must have experienced it a few times?
    You really need to change your patter if you want to get anywhere. Or change partners, of course.

  16. Seductive talk..but the Magpie pic says'kiss'..... well written one

  17. "Well! If this isn't the most round about 'Get yer kit off' chat I've ever heard."

    Thats the funniest line I have read for a long long time. Great dialogue with loads of areas that got guffaws from me and strange looks from my partner ;-)

  18. LOL - way to depict a good relationship

  19. And they didn't even take their shoes off!

  20. ...Paul Newman can chit chat all he wants... (just sayin') ;)

    by the way, I Neflixed "Sweet Bird of Youth". It arrived today and I will be watching it soon! I've never seen it... thanks for mentioning it.


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