Nov 13, 2011

LongOrion . . .

 . . . a verse form whose history stretches back almost 48 hours. Read about it on the Imaginary Garden's Mini-Challenge for Sunday, thanks to Kerry O'Connor.

Super Kingsize in a Dwindling World: A Lament

Fight for duvet! But don't touch!
Beds are getting wider, folks
but bedrooms ever smaller.
Mates in unconnubial bliss
are growing ever taller.
And so beds grow because they must
accomodate the restless
rib, knee, shoulder, elbow, bust.
Superkingsize. In a hutch.



  1. Dr.FTSE - I enjoyed your effort at the LongOrion. But according to Ms.O'Connor's and YOUR OWN description of the form, you have one line too many. Your lines begin - (F),B,B,M,A,A,A,R,S. You seem to have one too many "A's" in your AARS.

  2. I do not lay claim to this form, but was informed of its subtleties by the good doctor here himself!
    Haha! This king-sized tussled had just the right dose of humour for my last read of the day. Thanks for introducing us to something new :)

  3. *ha ha ha* This was great fun (not just the poem, but Trellissimo's comment as well)! Impressive!

  4. lovely reasoning for why beds grow. second poem this month that i've seen with duvet in it. curious.

  5. This is really clever. I have wondered, too, at how HIGH beds are these days. Like altars. Yikes. Very clever writing.

  6. A wry comment and so well-said! I especially like that last line. You are indeed clever!

  7. So you did invent it. I wondered if you had. 48 hours. LOL
    Very well said, though, about the beds. The beds getting bigger and the rooms getting smaller really cracked me up.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. Today "Orion", tomorrow "Cassiopeia" . . and on, on to the stars!


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