Mar 5, 2011

Short Back and Sides

The most excellent G-Man challenges one-and-all to tell a telling tale in 55 words max. for his Friday-Flash-55. Don't cry "Why 55? Why not 54, or 56?" Just get on with it!

The "Wait" sign in a barbershop read "2 hours"
A customer seeing this, left.
Next day he returned. Another 2-hour wait. He left.
The barber asked a friend 'Follow him. He asks how long he'll have to wait - never does. Where’s he go?'
The friend returned, smirking. "Bad news! He went to your house."

(55 words)


  1. Our doctor's surgery has a 'waiting time' notice too - but the longest I've seen there is 90 minutes - is that long enough? LOL

  2. It seems he was getting his 'trim' someplace else eh Doc?
    Loved your 55 My Friend.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. LOL! My 3 year old just asked what was so funny...

    Thanks for the "gafaw".

  4. I was feeling a bit down this evening so I thought I'd just pop in here and see what you've been getting up to. Now I know.

    I've scrolled back down through the ages too; you're well wicked.


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