Mar 21, 2011


Thanks once again to Tess at Willow Manor for another fine prompt - Magpie#58.

A brave Scottish warrior called Field
had a very fine leathery shield.
Its horsey-tail tassel
caused opponents much hassle.
When his squad was advancing
his tassel was dancing.
When the war-cries were ringing
his tassel was swinging,
and the enemy assembled
stared, shivered and trembled,
aghast at what Field's shield revealed!


  1. I can see I shall have to set up a neighbourhood watch scheme in the Trellis area if you continue to post such suggestive rhymes. Young bloggers need to be protected from innuendos.

    To the pure, all things are slightly impure, so goodness knows where this comes on the purity scale... Norty Doctor!

  2. You are so incredibly talented and I cannot stop laughing at this delightful poem!

  3. Mrs. Trellis . . it's all in the mind, dear lady. What the enemy have spotted and been so afrighted by as his tassel swings this way and that, is Field's enormous sporran.

  4. RNSANE . . . talented? Talented? Not so! My muse has much to answer for.

  5. Doctor . . my friend Mrs. Ada Trellis is, I am sorry to say, seriously disturbed and given to wandering about alone. If you find her in your blog again, will you please escort her HOME without delay. Thank you

  6. Trellissimo - you came to find me! How kind! I had begun to wonder what I was doing in this godforsaken blog...
    But a Doctor to escort me home? Hmmm... That sounds interesting. Does he wear a white coat and carry a cold stethoscope?

  7. Wonderful fun! Still smiling!

    Anna :o]

  8. I did a little jig to that one.

    Thank you for making my Tuesday morning considerably lighter.


  9. delightfully fun read. Clever rhymes, clever images, nice flow...well done. Vb

  10. This is priceless ~ funny and clever!

  11. Hey! Hey! What a bloody laugh! Scotsmen are always swinging their tassels - against the scratchiest kilt material - very brave! The last tongue twister line...Fields sheild revealed is classic!

  12. Very fun...but I fear you have been upstaged by Trellissimo & Mrs. Trellis!

  13. Oh what fun...and what did it reveal?...that is a Scottsman for you...bkm

  14. Where does this guy Fields live, Doctor?

  15. Such fun! Is there anything you can't see the humour in? I hope not!

  16. Excellent lol.

    Molly Mcguire sat close to the fire!

    Burns ;-)


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