Mar 12, 2011

Flash Fiction 55. 11th. March 2011

Never shall the incomparable G-Man's Friday Challenge pass unregarded.  55 or fewer words to recount life's challenging experiences . . .

Two students called the police, reporting - “Students dressed as workmen are digging up the Town Square for a Charity stunt!”  They then went to the Square and told workmen quite legitimately repairing a water main - “Look out! A bunch of students disguised as policemen are coming to arrest you for digging up . . ."

(55 words)


  1. Impersonating a police impersonator--that's got to be something somewhere.

  2. LOL, sly tale - a stunt not to be repeated, once the cops catch on (if they do).

  3. Students dressed as prison guards?
    Students dressed as chaplains?
    When will this madness STOP?
    BTW Doc, it's NOT 55 words or fewer.
    It's 55 words EXACTLY!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. Oh no!! I wonder who got detention! :)
    Nicely written in 55!!

  5. You are a humorist who should not be overlooked. Please accept this award.

  6. ...ha! Should we call it a clever mind or a twisted mind... that is the question! :)

    Thank you for your helpful and encouraging comments on my pathetic Magpie this week !! I really, really do appreciate them. ( I did take you advice long ago and changed a 55's structure upon your suggestion so the voice could be in better perspective.) I will read the Bard (which isn't the easiest for me to do - but my son LOVES him...) and I will improve upon the poem. Again, anytime you have constructive comments, please don't hesitate to let me know! Thanks.

  7. Very funny. You sound like you've pulled your share of jokes through the years. Enjoyed it.


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