Mar 4, 2011

Robert Lloyd (Poets United) suggested we use a quote to inspire a poem for the Thursday Think Tank#38.

"All indications are that the satellite and the rocket are in the Southern Pacific Ocean somewhere,"  
Launch director Omar Baez, speaking after the "Glory" satellite launched from California ran into telemetry problems 3 minutes into its flight. (Reported on BBC News, 3/3/2011)

Readers, please note he said "Somewhere"
The monitor stations said, "Hmmm . .  where
can the bluddi thing be
in that vast, southern sea?
Its GPS clearly is bumware."


  1. "bumware"...what a great word...are they still looking for the bluddi thing???...bkm

  2. I DID note he said, "somewhere". :) What a scary situation. Glory must have had the same bumware I have!

  3. Somewhere??? Too funny! And "bumware" is the second new word I've found in the last few minutes...I bluddi love it!!

    I do like your whimsical profile ...I too would wish to view the movement of tectonic plates...


  4. I agree about the bumware.! Shame the instruction manual was written in Latin one is properly educated these days!

  5. Interesting new header. Looks very painful. You haven't been playing at cowboys and cherokee indians again, have you?

  6. Interesting take; I like how you did this!


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