Mar 3, 2011

Magpie Tales#55

True to form, Tess at Willow Manor gives bloggers another juicy prompt . .

Next Tuesday, 8th March 2011 is "Shrove Tuesday" or "Pancake Day," the day before Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. The tradition of making and eating pancakes derives from the time when Lenten fasting was taken more seriously than it is these days. Good Christian folk would have a "blow out" of pancakes made from a rich batter containing eggs. Fry lightly on a griddle and serve piping hot with sugar and lemon juice . .  oh YUMMY . . .

Police Sergeant: (surveying bloodstained handprint, fork, lemon etc)  "Now then, my lad. We got you bang to rights! You're nicked!  We're 'oldin' you on suspicion. Orl the hevidence is there right in front of us. Even the murder weapon. Forked 'em to death, didn't you? Orl we're short of are the bodies. You goin' to tell us where you buried 'em? That there lemon gives quite an unusual flavour to the case, you must agree? Must warn you that anyfink you say will be taken down and used in hevidence. You 'ave the right to remain silent but I must warn you . . .

Doctor FTSE:  When I said I could murder a couple of pancakes I didn't mean . . .


  1. "forked them to death"....that line is to die for....brillant Doctor...simply brillant fun....bkm

  2. Be careful what you say . . . you never know who's listening!

  3. Some pancakes are worth killing for!!

  4. I'm laughing my socks off as I think of Dixon of Dock Green!! 'Night all! (I was a child - YES I WAS!)

  5. This is deliciously funny .. and a little naughty dare I say!

  6. hahahahha....what a spin this took!! Really, all the while, my suspense-inclined kept thinking 'murder or no murder?'...and then your last line there just threw me into a fit of laughter!!
    A buncha pancakes indeed! :)

    This was sooo original and creative!! Really enjoyed this!

  7. Very clever. The dangerous day around our house is Easter as we still fast a bit and give something up. The kids usually give up candy, me coffee. Or maybe I should say the dangerous days are Lent...and me starting each day with no coffee!

  8. Very clever. Enjoyable. I agree that "forked 'em to death" is a great line.

    So, you're a pancake slayer? I'm usually more of a cereal killer, myself.

    I took the liberty of linking to this post on my blog, here. It gives another perspective on the danger of forks.

  9. Too wonderful for words, really! Definitely a CSI post. It appeals to the foresic nurse in me. Mine is at:


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