Dec 26, 2010


curse.  Brussels
shall never have
dominion(*) in this
house, where Christmas diners
lurk in unfragrant corners,
buttocks pursed against prevailing
winds, kitchen a No Go Area.
Airwick sweet, uncork!  Out! Out! Brussell Sprout.

(*) You see the ethereeist's problems?  "Dominion"? Thee syllables or four?
    "Area"? Two syllables or three?


  1. I think it's disgoostin' that a man of your standing in the community should behave in such a manner,defiling the spirit of Christmas with fart jokes. This obsession with pursed buttocks must cease immediately! Producing poems like this could unhinge the already unhinged( who seem to favour your blog) even more so.

  2. The fragrant wind of your comment, dear Rall, adds zest to the Festive Season. I may be the first person in the WHOLE HISTORY OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE who has spotted that "fragrant" is an anagram for "Gran Fart."
    We always send her out back after sprouts.

  3. ...especially if company is expected - brussel sprouts are a NO GO! I personally love them, but have to plan the social calendar accordingly... :)

  4. Sprouts have been maligned too long. They are a delicacy, and the sound effects come as a great relief.

  5. Please put me down for 1. A banner (as in one who bans) Brussels Sprouts and 2. One of the 'unhinged' readers of your blog!

    BTW, I feel a blog coming on about capital punishment following your comment at 'home'.

  6. 'Fraid not. That anagram is bandied about a lot in Queensland.Mooloolooba on the Sunshine Coast is stacked with fartin' grannies. We like to keep them together in the one spot down here .

  7. POW is starting up again next Wednesday.Please pop along..just bring a poem, nothing else!


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