Dec 26, 2010

Poetry Bus 27th. December.

To enhance the Festivities, Muse Swings asks for poems to celebrate the worst, most useless present you ever  were given . .  or, if you're brave enough, ever gave!

I phoned my friend, who said
"I fear I'm going bald!"
He will be glad I called!
He should anoint his head
from which the hair has spalled
with Preparation ZED.

I sent some as a gift,
and thought that that was that.
He'll soon have a fine mat.
My present caused a rift.
"ZED" did not baldness shift -
He now talks through his hat!


  1. Hilarious! And the before and after photos are class!

  2. This is a stitch and the pictures are worth a thousand words- or another funny poem! Thanks for taking a seat on the bus!

  3. Up to your standard again, Doctor. Love the (photoshopped?) caps.

  4. Do you have Preparation "H" over there? That's for talking out of your arse!
    This was great fun! Thanks for a good laugh.


  5. I can't quit laughing at Preparation Zed and the After photo .. how about a little head ?
    Use Preparation Zed :)

  6. Hysterical poem with illustrations to match!!!

  7. I like this!! I have several bald friends who would have tried your preparation zed, regardless of head shrinking side-effects! Happy New Year!

  8. truly laughing out loud here on the west coast of USA....can you hear me now?

  9. Some of us are bald under our red berets . . but even we cannot help laughing.


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