Dec 8, 2010

Magpie Tales#44

Willow's picture prompt this week ideally suits the UK weather . . . 


What's become of our friend Esther Crun?
She always thought sledging such fun.
But one day, silly dope
with her heart full of hope
she pushed off. Without rope
she soon drew her last breath
as she whizzed to her death
down the tricky, high-speed Cresta Run.


  1. OMG you are hysterically do you do this cleverness every week? I look forward to every post of yours! Cheers.

  2. Poor Esther Crun, who expired
    of her fun, there on the steep
    ice of the Cresta Run;
    made me look up "sledging"
    for I am not used to the British
    twist of our word, or our Rockwell
    innocence. Your humor is dark,
    your talent is tall, and since I am
    always willing to gobble a lark,
    I salute your jest, your poetic
    joust, and will wait for more.

  3. Glenn . . I think that on balance your comment is better than my "stretch" limerick! Thanks.

    kathew . . it's not me that's funny. it's my alter ego - but thank you for the compliments.

  4. Esther Crun I once knew long ago -
    the sister to Henry, I trow...
    On the radio programme "Goon Show"
    the name was first used, don't you know?
    The Cruns were unique,
    once you'd heard them speak,
    Min and Henry were stars of the show!

  5. The pics are so perfect together! Ah, rhyming wit...

  6. You are a nut! I love it!
    Love from,
    Another nut :)

  7. Poor poor Ester ... but like Bing Crosby at least she went out in style!

  8. Ooow - I hate it when that happens! lol, nicely silly Doc!

  9. Poor Esther! Definately channelling a touch of Stevie Smith this week!

  10. Dear Dr FSTE: Great limerick! Riotously Funny! Yes, Esther Crun the Bobsledger! Wonders why you Brits say "Sledge" rather than "Sled"...maybe nautical seeing as words must travel across wind and dale and bobsledge run! Isnt there a Sister Sledge?

  11. Wheeeeeeeeee! You are so deliciously dark!

  12. Sometimes the dare just takes one on! Funny, funny!

  13. Oh dear, poor girl...what a ride...bkm

  14. And what, I ask you, became of Sledge Hammer?
    A cop with prisoners you could always hear yammer?
    He looked into the death of poor Esther Crun,
    not really believing in the myth of the Run,
    suspecting somebody had played deadly fun.
    He solved the case:
    it was not the Race,
    it was the Joker who splitted the ice with a rammer

  15. Thank the Powers That Be! A good one! And Funny!

  16. Wonderfully witty. Your post made my evening. How observant of you to notice the rope is missing!

  17. your poetry is sup[er fine tuned as always..

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