Jul 28, 2012

Olympic Events You Never Knew About

The Three-Legged Bike Race.  MARK CAVENDISH is certain to take GOLD. He's Manx and doesn't need a co-rider.   All Manxmen have three legs, (see flag.)

Synchronised SpoilSporting.   Put your money on ADA TRELLIS, North Wales's sourpuss, for GOLD. 

And for SILVER . . GEORGE OSBORNE, Chancellor of the Exchequer. He's filled British households with misery and emptied their piggy-banks.

Hide and Seek.    The skeletal remains of the 1896 Olympic Champion, discovered in a tin trunk in a remote cottage in Auchterturragh, Scotland, were posthumourously awarded GOLD in absentia at the Beijing Games, 2008.


  1. Hmmm...let's just hope Cavendish doesn't have 3 left feet. Go Ada! And as an American unfamiliar with you Brits, I'm just wondering if your George Osborne might be the long lost, younger, stuffier brother of Ozzie? Er...any other skeletons in your closet? ;-)

  2. Oo, Doctor FTSE - what moi? Spoil a sport? Surely not - I'm a game old bird - ask Caddoc!

  3. Now that Olympics I would watch!


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