Jul 1, 2012

Magpie #124

Tess asks us this week to versify Ophelia's unhappy fate.  The Coroner's verdict is sadly not in the public domain, but here is the police pathologist's photograph.

Redon Odilon "Ophelia"

Don't Blame Yourself, Sweet Prince.

Ophelia set off for the nunnery
thinking "I won't have much funnery."
She left by the door
of Old Elsinore
but not far beyond
she fell in a pond -
By the time he came round
Hamlet saw she had drowned
and lamented "Oh! What have I dunnery?"



  1. Righteous good write ........

  2. A playful romp with treacherous results...

  3. oh my...hehe...i def dont think the nunnery is much funnery...

  4. Heeheehee, that's a good onnery!

  5. Doc, you were the medicine I needed for my mood today! I cracked my lips but it was worth the huge smile and tittering!

  6. If I could get my grey cells up and running, I'd try to make a punnery worthy of your nunnery and dunnery, but all I can do is take my hat off to you, for a good bit of Doc FTSE funnery! :)

  7. Funnery in a nunnery?

  8. dunnery... can't find it in the dictionary :)

    Actually, Shakespeare would be proud. He made up words all the time! (as you already know)

    Clever, as usual.

  9. This deserves to replace the original Hamlet speech!


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