Jul 13, 2012

Friday Flash Fiction 55

I so wish this little story was true, but can't believe it really is.


Rachmaninov, pianist extraordinaire, was accompanying a violin recital.
The violinist was playing from memory,  Rachmaninov from score. The duo did not get on well personally. At one point the violinist realised his memory was letting him down. He indicated Rachmaninov’s score with his bow, whispering "Where are we?" Rachmaninov whispered back "We're in the Carnegie Hall!"


  1. Bravo...Encore!!!!!
    Nice to see you Doc...
    Loved your Senior Moment 55.
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your wonderful support, and have a Kick Ass Week-End!!!

  2. Ha ha! I bet they still played beautiful music!

  3. Hmmm... Remembering the 'who' is as important as the 'where' - and the 'why', come to think of it - not to mention the 'what'! A smile of a 55 Doctor FTSE, thanks.

  4. Nice one! Carnegie Hall is a good a place as any..............!

  5. lol! It sounds true. Excellent 55.

  6. :O) I would very much like this to be true!

  7. Senior moments get to us all in the end! :) LOL

  8. Ha! So funny! He could've totally lost his place and probably nobody would know. Just keep the music flowing. Keep the 55s coming.

  9. Heavens! Now I will have nightmares about forgetting lines or whatever in front of a bunch of people, in spite of never having been on a stage!

    I do love Rachmaninov also.


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