Oct 13, 2011

Friday Flash Fiction 14th. October

G-Man tests our writerly resources once again. In precisely 55 words, delight and amaze him!

Dress Sense

"Mangold, why do you come to work without any trousers?  No shoes or socks either. And the tea-trolley lady tells me  - no underpants.  Yet your shirt, jacket and necktie are perfect.  I know FlashFriday Software is relaxed about dress, but really! Explain!"
"My lifestyle coach advises me always to keep my feet firmly on the ground..."



  1. A bit of ESP going on here, seeing that it was written before Mr Knowitall's Friday post appeared on our screens. What can I say? Bombs Away? LOL

  2. Might be an Ode to the end of Summer-

  3. feet firmly planted...i would def go without shoes any day...guess i cannot complain mine is pretty lax on dress...

  4. His feet may be firmly on the ground, but his head is definitely in the clouds!

  5. I'm wondering what his feet have to do with his other bare areas--but rationalization is a man's best friend. Thanks for the chuckle this morning, doc.

  6. You Brits have such an odd sense of humor.
    Monte Python, Benny Hill, now YOU!
    Most excellent 55 Doc
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  7. I tried to turn away from the visual you created and realized it was all in my head. Good one.

  8. Well, now, there's a new take on Casual Friday!

    Have a charming weekend.

  9. Nicely Monty Python.
    Can there be a better compliment?

  10. Hello my friend! I haven't seen you around in awhile, how are you? How is your Rebecca doing? I have been offline more lately because it seems this Fall we are having a late Summer so the weather begs me to go outside. Luv it! I checked out G-Man's blogspot and joined up. When I get some time I'm going to partticipate in one of his 55 word prompts. Looks like fun! I plan on getting back to Magpie Tales soon too. Each and everything I do above and beyond my blogspot witll make me even better! Big hug you silly boy you! ♥

  11. Hah!! Despite my jet-lagged brain, I only had to read twice to get it. My goodness but you are clever, dr. Dr. In fact, clever doesn't do you justice. Excellent, really.

  12. The lifestyle coach says "feet." Mangold's interpretation is overly literal. Anyone can put their pants on with ONE foot on the ground and most of us probably do. I mean, how many of us can jump into our underpants with both feet at the same time? That;s a sure-fire way to fall out of the window.

    Hello Deborah, where've you been hiding these last few weeks?


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