Oct 6, 2011

Friday Flash Fiction 6th. October

G-Man's "Thursday Portrait" (5th. October 2011) made reference to a renowned figure from 20th century European history. I thought I would take up the theme for a Friday Flash Fiction, where G-Man expects us to restrict our ravings to 55 words, no more, no fewer.

Ambition Thwarted

"So, Herr Hitler. Your job application?"
"You speak German! Big help. Skills?"
"And can you hang wallpaper?"
"Vallpaper schmallpaper!  Ich bin artisticher painter, Schweinhund!"
"Nothing doing. Sorry, Herr Hitler."
"Gotterdammerung!  How about Reichchancellor of Germany und invade Poland mit panzers und goosesteppungensvolk? Und schlacht.(*)"
(Exits raving, with raised arm salute)
"Pandas? Geese? Next crackpot!"

55 words, excluding title. 
(*) schlacht = battle (lit. slaughter)


  1. Sie sint ein klug Autor, und Sie machen uns so gl├╝cklich. Schreiben Sie sich das hinter die Ohren! :)

  2. Pandas? Geese?....That ending just tickled me to death.
    Wonder what would Herr Hitler's answer have been if he'd been asked, "Can you hang Elephant with Wings wallpaper?" ....

  3. If only he'd stuck to his painting . . .

  4. ha. perhaps if he learned to enunciate...

  5. Goose poop-stepping in it (or turkey)....

  6. Should have stayed in the painting field.

  7. Clever 55 you painted..fab ~

  8. Acht Du Lieber Doc...
    Schnitzle and Strudle!
    Und Flidermouse Und Dachshound!
    Danke for the Teutonic 55.
    Have a Goose Stepping Week-End

  9. I've seen some of Hitler's art. Not the best. But your words are.

  10. You mean we could have avoided all that just by giving him a job? You know, I can see it.

  11. Quite a cross-grained little guy, that Hitler. I think he underestimated the art of good wallpapering.


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