Oct 14, 2012

Midnight Snack

Tess Kincaid asks us to write about Midnight Feasts, prompted by Curtis Wilson Costs's 1984 picture "Midnight Snack"

"I Told Them They Were Out of Garlic!"

It dropped from its perch on the rafter
when slumber had silenced their laughter.
It sank in its fangs
to ease hunger's pangs
saying "Mmmm! This is GOOD!
Fresh, warm human blood!"
Then  it gorged on some lamb chops for afters.

Many more^ responses to the prompt can be found HERE.



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi Penny! Now, if I remove your removed comment entirely, folk won't understand the first line of your comment below. So I'll leave it . . . but it's more serious than that! Now that you've removed your comment, interested parties can't see what your typo was.

      (This correspondence is now closed!!)

    2. Blogger doesn't think so...

  2. Let's try that without a typo...

    Delightfully macabre, to suit the blackness of the picture! A Tall Tale For Nightowls... LOL

  3. Such late night silliness ... I love it!

  4. I'll take a chop...heavy on the garlic please...

  5. Yikes! But I guess they won't be coming after the leftover lamb chops, will they?

  6. haha! I am searching for an accent by which I can rhyme 'good' and 'blood'. Is there one somewhere in the north? Liverpool?
    I reckon John Lennon could have gotten away with it so why not you!!


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