Jul 23, 2023


 - from their home in Abergele, N.Wales, Mrs. Ada Trellis and her husband Caddoc.

Neighbours say they were a quiet - well, normally, though from time to time the sounds of extreme marital concord interrupted the clash of cooking utensils were heard late into the North Wales night (noson gogledd Cymru) - couple who kept themselves to themselves, Mrs.Trellis in her kitchen and Caddoc in his garden shed, where he would spend many happy hours potting out Ladies Mantle or playing his saxophone. 
Despite a massive police presence and a finger-tip search of their house and grounds (and shed(sied ardd)) - no trace of the lovebirds has come to light, leaving the police scratching their heads (heddlu yn crafu pennau)

Nor have they posted on the following blogs: -

where for several years they entertained blogfollowers with their matirmonial comings and goings.

Can you help?  HOW can you help?  Leave comments under this post. Remember, in all 'mispers(*)' cases, the smallest scrap of information could turn out to be of critical importance in the Wales-wide and room to be UK-wide search for the happy pair.  

Thank You.

(*) Police slang for (missing person) Geddit?


  1. Aha! look you here, for starters, perhaps?

  2. Thanks, Trellissimo. I will follow that link


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