May 1, 2016

Europe! In or Out or What?

How will you vote in the upcoming United Kingdom European Union Referendum (June 23rd, 2016) to decide whether Britain remains in the European Union?   Not to bore you with a discussion of the issues, which 95% of the eligible voters - self included - don't fully understand, but to ask a simple question . . .   

Can I claim copyright of an alternative title for the Referendum?  I think it should be known as "The Belly Button Referendum."  "Why so?" I hear you cry. "What have belly buttons got to do with it?" Well, your voting paper will ask you to declare whether you are an "Innie" or an "Outie" - and you may find that some navel gazing will help you decide where to put your "X".  Or then again, you may not.  Just saying . . .



  1. Clever idea, but it would cause a dilemma for me - my BB's an 'Innie', but I'd rather be an 'Outie'. Should I cut myself and my 'x' in half, and make two marks a > and a < ?! :-)

  2. Mine is definitely an "Outie". I had to have it stitched back in place when I was 3 . . . lol

  3. I’m an innie (both meanings), but I can’t vote being from an outie (place). and never having felt inclined to change my outiness officially.
    God help me if I am going to live in a country of Little Englanders.


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