Feb 16, 2014

Mag 207

Downhill Racer

The end of life is sometimes very sad,
and so it was for Simpleforth's Granddad.
Was it a reckless dare or silly jape
to ride his push-bike down a fire-escape?
The neighbours heard the crash. Years on they talk
of Granddad splattered on the sidey-walk. (*)

(*)  If any blogger can improve the scansion in the last line I would be very grateful. "Sidewalk" is not an iamb, and nor for that matter is the English "pavement."


  1. "splattered on the gritty sidewalk"?
    either way- it's a fun limerick! Cheers!

  2. I guess mentioning that 'sidewalk' is a spondee is no help to anybody - especially Grandpa Simpleforth... Might have helped if it had been 'sponge-y' though?! LOL
    Condolences to Simpleforth, and his Granny, of course...

  3. I might put in just put in a one syllable modifyier before sidewalk and end with the spondee. Or replace "sidey-walk" with "concrete walk" Or I might leave it as is - very, very SILLY! :o)


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