Jun 28, 2013

Inspired By Another's 55

and by G-Man, ever on the look out for 55 words of wisdom.

I have 3 pairs of orange socks and 3 pairs lime green.  I open my sock drawer in darkness.  How many must I take out to ensure I picked a matching pair?

1.  Give them to Other Mary.  She'll happily lose them for you.
2.  Surely you can see socks like those in the dark?
3.  Three. (Why?)


  1. Hahahaha - The correct answer is #1. I can easily lose your socks for you! :o) -Other Mary

  2. Doc....
    I'm so sorry about your blindness
    I'll send you a white cane
    Wait.... I got it.... You are going to a Village People concert?
    Very fruity my friend
    Loved your dilemma 55
    Thanks for playing, in no way let my acerbic tongue disparage blind folks or gay folks, have a Kick Ass Week End

  3. Those green socks? Stow them away in your wife's drawer ~ I think they are tights!

    1. They are tights! I have to practice my grand jetes, arabesques and entre chats from time to time.

  4. I suddenly feel like comparing the shades of orange and lime green when night makes them look gray.

    You could do what I do - lay the clothing out the night before. I have to or I'll wake my dh. He'll sleep through anything but the should of clothing going on or off.

  5. The way my washer eats socks, it's a miracle for me when I find a pair that match! :)

  6. 4. You're having a flashback to the neon nineties?


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