Nov 25, 2012


A Homage to Our Other National Poet, and another Vote of Thanks to the unquenchable Tess Kincaid who has raided the lumber room of Willow Manor to bring us this week's prompt.

(To be sung to a well known Ayrshire Air)

I used to love this old red chair 
till it snapped a spring last June.
And when I sat me down today,
it twanged a Scottish tune.
I punctured am where most it hurts, 
and wounded to the quick.
My butt's now like a red, red rose -
Oh what was a horrid trick!

Chorus: -
That was a horrid trick, dear chair,
That was a horrid trick.
I'll post you on FreeCycle's site
dispose of you real quick.

But no one came to take my chair -
maybe they had no van.
And so I stood me up to think (*)
of a new disposal plan.
Well, soon to he who wrote this song
I found that my thought turns.
I dragged my chair out to the yard - 
Just see how well it burns!

Just see how well it Burrrrns, my dears
Just see how well it Burrrrns.
The Bard of Ayrshire helped me out,
So thank you Rabbie Burrrrrns. (**)

(*)    Can't sit down, remember?
(**)  The Scots roll their Rrrrr's on the least provocation.  Mine still hurts too much.

Sung by the lovely EDDI READER it doesn't hurt a bit . . .



  1. Oh, yes! Rrrr's rolling can be such fun!

  2. Aah, the wit of teh British. Charmed.

  3. That chair looks like it could burn real good! And now I have your little ditty in my head, tune and all.

  4. I've fallen in love with the voice of Eddi Reader ... thanks for the intro.

    Poem is worthy of 'spectacular' status.

  5. Oh, very good! I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't take these pictures too seriously (actually I can't. Sad,that. I'd love to be able to write sad, dreamy poems...).

  6. So much fun! I really like it , but the poor old bum- thanks!

  7. This was a lot of fun :) I've known a chair or two like that in my time...

  8. very good....nicely written and thanks for sharing this

  9. Very funny! I love it!

  10. I'm singing! Thanks for the smiles...

  11. I was singing.... until I started laughing and couldn't stop! Thank you for the joyous visit, Doctor! =D

  12. I'd love to have hearrrrd Calum Kennedy warrrrrble to this using yourrr lyrrrics! I rrrrreally needed this laugh tonight and I've fairrr perrrked up, noo! Thanks!

  13. Love the humor and the clever way of relating it to a song.Great write Dr FTSE!


  14. Thinks:- I could do with some of that Burrrnnning chair in my yard's CHILLY! LOL!

  15. You always bring a smile to my face. Seems we both had a fire on this one!


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