Nov 17, 2012

Noises Off.

Wow! Jeez! Kersplatt!  Biff!  Bang!  Shazam!
Kerplunk! and Zapp! are just a few.
Yuck! Yechh! Blecchh! Barf! Zounds! Ee By Gum!
Gosh!  Golly!  and The Same To You!
Owww! Ouch! and Aaarrggh! mean someone's hurt
Stop Thief! means someone's lost his shirt.
There are many more, but I prefer
the consternation in Ooooerrrr!


  1. I take it these are the noises which ensued following my left uppercut to your jaw which I presented to you after reading the libelous comment about my elegant chapeau in your previous post!!!
    I may have to set Ada upon you if you aren't careful...

    1. Ah now! I didn't realise I had posted this! It's actually a work in progress. I swap emails with a madwoman who says "Ooerr" quite a lot and this set me thinking about the noises you see in comic strip stories. I'll get around to "Ugh", "Ouch" and "Aaarrrghhh" but not today . . .

  2. Hmm...As long a nobody thinks the mad woman to whom you refer is I, Ada Trellis; I wouldn't like to have Caddoc accuse me of carrying on an email dalliance behind his back...

    Come to think of it, I'd probably come and duff you up in person, if I thought you were calling me a Mad Woman, anyway - that would show you just how MAD I can get, when my temper's up...

    Ooooerrrr, as you so rightly said! :)

  3. I don't even let my microwave oven notify me when the food's done; I've turned off the noise function. No more bing bing bing!


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