Aug 3, 2012

Does the Dept. of Homeland Security Know About This?

"That's gotta be an exploding cigarette. Gotta be! Detonator hidden in the cane! These f***ing Limey stockbroker suicide bombers are up to all sorts of tricks like that.  Go-Go-Go Swat Team!  Get a head shot.  Not the hat though!  Not the f***ing hat!  The hat's gotta be an IED.  Full of firecrackers, wanna bet!" 

Offered for G-Man's FFF55.  (This walking-cane with built in lighter, produced by Ronson, was featured in a British Industries Exhibition in 1930's.    Not to be outdone, America produced something similar.  Is there no end to human ingenuity?)


  1. haha...almost as dangerous as a can of pineapples....he was obviously trying to go through airport security...

  2. You know whats funny?
    You just don't see Match Books any more!
    I haven't heard the name Ronson in years.
    Loved your 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

    1. Neither you do! Bring back Match Books, I say!

  3. An exploding cig? really?? LOL. Such great fun to read.Such an action packed 55! Bravo! Looking forward to reading more of your 55! Have you a blessed weekend. hugs shakira
    Mine is here

  4. Hahaha - excellent! I'm sure James Bond must have had one of those canes.

  5. HA! Nothing more sinister than a hat like that--except a lighter in your cane--I thought they were only designed for concealing swords.

  6. LOL! Can't trust those Limey stock brokers suicide bombers at all.

  7. Ha..ha...How fun to see those things ~


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