Aug 13, 2012

A Haiku in Praise oF Art

Tess Kincaid's picture prompt for Magpie#130 inspired this . . er . . bean-feast.

Who Was That?

It was not Granny!
Nor was it the dog! It was
her inside's insides.



  1. I think the photo was taken by somebody who should have gone to Specsavers... So your title has hidden depths, too - at least for British TV audiences. Hehehe!
    Nice one, Doc. :)

  2. haha...nope that is not granny...inside's insides...hmm....

  3. Granny as a younger lady, perhaps? Hehe. I'm still pondering this one...

  4. Inside out! As a granny, I would love to have a rib cage like this one!!!

  5. Thank goodness, it wasn't too messy though, and we really needed bother to call in C.S.I.....but be weary of the insides getting along too quickly outside! :)

  6. Upon which she turned to the waiter and said,"Stop that!" and he replied "Certainly Madam....which way did it go?"

  7. oh hahahah some Granny's these days are getting younger and younger!


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