Apr 1, 2012

Magpie Tales#111

Tess from Willow Manor gives us a picture of someone lost in thought. Or maybe merely lost, for her Magpie prompt this week.

Stretching Your Credulity, and the Limerick.

A keen poultry breeder called Beggs
wondered if he could incubate eggs.
He put this to the test
in a bald eagle's nest.
But the big bird said "Look, do
you think you're a cuckoo?
And I sure mean no harm
but you've got such thin arms!
Those spindly things
seem useless for wings.
And you took off your shoes -
which leads me to muse
that maybe you fly with your legs?"



  1. An early bird Mag, no less! Hehehe!

  2. heh...it might be fun to see him try you know....cuckoo

  3. This is really silly! haha! Great start to my day. Thanks Doc.

  4. No wonder he's turned his back on us!

  5. Come to think of t he does indeed look as if he's incubating.....or something.

  6. Cuckoo was the first word that entered my head when I saw this photo ... I couldn't have come up with anything as clever as this - great stuff!

  7. Quite clever and fun to read! Excellent!

  8. You are much too clever for me! A cracking piece!

  9. oh ho ho....once again a perfect dose of hilarity from the
    clever Dr Ftse!
    I actually could identify a bit from this as I once "hatched" 3 chickens in my bed....what? you say!
    True story as our hens were practicing "chickicide" as the poor things were hatching-so I rescued 3 eggs and went to bed=by the time I had read the paper- the cute little chicks were hatched. We then raised them in increasingly large cardboard boxes until they were big enough to fend for themselves.

  10. Fly with your legs...oh hee! I love to come here and giggle...

  11. A keen poultry breeder...HAHA


  12. E.t was flown around by a pedalling boy.

  13. I wondered what he was doing in there. Laughing - great take.

  14. Eggceptionally funny! Doctor at his classic best!

  15. I love the dialogue
    can almost see the bird eyes trying to make sense of it all



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